Tips for Choosing a Wedding Photographer

I may be biased, but I think that the most important choice you will make during your wedding planning is to select your wedding photographer.  Think about it, you’ve spent months, possibly years planning the big day and it will pass more quickly that you can imagine.  Your wedding photos will be the one tangible thing left from this special day.

So here are my top tips for choosing a wedding photographer.  

Make Sure You Like Them

You will, of course, want to select an experienced wedding photographer and one who is also, organized, calm and fun to be around. Most of all, you need to be comfortable with them. You will be with them all day on your wedding day and they will see you in your undies so seriously, you have to like them!

So take the time to meet your photographer and if you don’t like them, move on.  I like to spend time with my clients before the wedding creating their photography plan and doing engagement photos so that when we meet again on wedding day we feel like old friends. Then our only focus on wedding day is you enjoying your day and me capturing your day in a way that is true to your story.

Identify Your Style

Photographers tend to have a style and approach that’s unique to them. For example, my style is light, airy and timeless with a focus on emotions and connections.  I combine a mix of candid and natural posing to tell the story of your day.  Some photographers are dark and moody with more dramatic posing.  Find a style and that makes you want to look at the images over and over again and then figure out what it is about them that you love; is it the composition, lighting, color, or their ability to capture emotion and connection that attracts you? The go out and find that photographer! 

Go Beyond Window Shopping

Most photographers post their “highlight reel” of photos on their website. This makes sense; you’re window shopping and they’re showing their best goods.   Ask the photographer to show you a full gallery that they delivered to a client.  It should include hundreds if not a thousand photos. Even better, ask them to show you one that’s in a venue similar to your venue including similar lighting conditions.  This way you can have confidence that they can produce beautiful photos in the setting that’s important to you.

Ask About Their Equipment

Wedding photographers should always have at least two cameras. This is a safety precaution in the event that they have a technical problem with one of the cameras.  I always carry two professional digital cameras and both have dual card slots that are constantly backing each other up. I also carry two film cameras so I can capture a variety of beautiful images to add variety to your portfolio. 

And Finally

So when it comes time to choose your photographer, your results will be best when you pick someone who is experienced and represents your style in photographic style and you as a person. This will naturally result in photos that will represent the beauty of your day.  You will always appreciate the investment you made in your memories.

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